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Back to Work: The cast is off

Expectation that I will eventually loose my leg(s) are high.  Expectations that I will suddenly become wealthy are low.  So if I want to continue my lavish lifestyle of eating, I must continue to develop my one marketable skill.  Fortunately for me, I love to forge and I love to produce hand made knives.  So I have developed plans to make my shop wheel chair accessible.  It is not there yet, but neither am I.  Fortunately, I have been able to meet the challenge half way, standing when I can.  Unfortunately, these last two months there has not been much standing so there has not been much knife making.

Forging without feetAfter my last surgery, the VA foot doctor decided we are going to save the foot, I will need to stay off it.  To make sure I kept weight off the front, he put me in a cast.  For the last couple months, the cutest nurse removed the cast once a week to inspect the wound.  Then the doctor would put it back on.  Last week, she told me the wound had healed.  The doctor wanted one more wee to be on the safe side.  Today it came off.  Today I tried to return to hand made knives.  Due to muscle memory, its going to be a learning experience.

Now I need to forget my right leg was two inches longer with the cast.  After it came off, I was stumbling around like I was drunk without the fun parts of being drunk.  Step one was an impossibly hot bath.  Bath for not being to soak for two months.  Hot because heat helps with the pain.  What little walking I did in the cast twisted me up so much it aggravated the damage to my spine.  Just standing with the cast on was more painful than I have words to describe.  On exiting the tub, I realized most of the pain was gone.

Forged KnivesA little less than a year ago, my nursing home room came with a traction bar over the toilet.  I needed it to transfer self from my wheel chair.  Despite this, I had a productive season.  Today, I got in and out of the bathtub without much challenge.  Now imagine my future productivity.  Better yet, come visit the 2022 season of the Kentucky Renaissance Festival and see for your self.

God is great!

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