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Meet the 2021 Crew

Our Hand Made Knife Crew

President Obama said something that really bothered me at the time.  It was something along the lines of you did not build your business.  I thought, then who made these hand made knives I sell?  Who hand forged this Damascus steel?  Then this last year hit.  Wife skated with the kids n every penny.  I was left essentially homeless and stuck in a wheel chair.  Today, things are much better.  The short expiation of the improvement is I hit that forge and I hit it hard.  But it did not happen without help.  I did not do it alone.

Many people helped and continue to help.  None more than Robin ( my care giver ) and Steve ( her husband ).  Other friends sent me food, medical supplies, and other needful things.  To each, I am grateful.  But I am here to talk about the Bad Attitude Crew.  You see, I do not sell many hand made knives at all.  I rarely handle money.  Riley and Sarah do.  Hand forging Damascus?  Riley and I took turns on it for hours.  So who is the Bad Attitude Crew and what do they do?

Riley Coyote – Booth manager with breasts.  Yes, I mentioned her breasts for a reason.  I could have gone with mentioning her uterus, but that is not as apparent.  I mention her breasts because that seems to be the first thing men notice.  Although she is a well read and accomplished smith, men are often jaw slack to learn she smiths. Women, from what I have observed, feel empowered to learn Riley is an accomplished hammer swinger.  Yes ladies, you too can do this.

My partnership with Riley developed over the course of a decade.  As you can tell from the photo, this means we met when she was very young.  I think 16.  For some really dumb reason, her mother trusted her with the hairy old man at the blacksmith’s booth.  Fortunately, she was lucky to learn I was not some old pervert.  So please do not think I am advocating letting your children do same.  There are a lot of bad people in every walk of life.  That brings me to Sarah.

Sarah – When she joined out growing crew at the 2021 season, Sarah was just 16.  In her, I saw the spark that I had when I was young.  The spark is a thing that is hard to describe, but I can tell you that if unchecked it can spread into a wild fire.  After watching Riley grow from girl into woman,  I felt Riley would be a good influence on Sarah.  So I invited Sarah to help out during the 2021 season.  She did so well with patrons and customers that she will be running things at this winter’s Dickens Festival.  Riley will be on site, but she is the director of the play portion of the festival so she has other responsibilities.

So there you have it.  The Bad Attitude Crew of three.  Not a large crew, but growing as we can afford to grow.  Should the plan to wholesale and produce billets continue to grow, I think so will the crew and the benefits they receive.  With any luck, I will be able to purchase a small chunk of land soon and we will have a place for our collective to create together.


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