Named Blades

Handmade knives are each one of a kind.  When the blade is hand forged, this is even more true.  When the blade is a composite such as pattern welded Damascus created by hand forging, every hammer blow is recorded in the pattern of the steel.  These construction methods alone do not earn a name. 

If one of my blades earns a name, its right to that name is no due to construction or appearance alone.  It’s name is also earned with the reason for its creation.  My first named knife was completed on November 3rd, 2020 ( election day ).  I created it as a gift my son’s  14th birthday. 

With that first named blade came a new tradition.  I saved a section of the billet I created for Baby Boy Fourteen for my second named blade.  From that billet, I will save another section for the following named blade and so on.  Each of my named blades will have a connection to the first.

Generally, I will not offer named knives for sale but do display them.