The Plan

I am starting this effort when my only notable income income is $926.00 / month.  I am homeless, footless, and just now learning to walk again.    I can stand, but not long.  I can walk but not far.I stay in a leaky old camper on someone else’s land. Each day I can,  I get in my wheel chair n roll out to the forge.  I do this because I will not give up.

Did I mention the moderate traumatic brain injury?  I have been rode hard, put away wet, and then pissed on by someone who drank entirely too much Southern Comfort.  If it were Janis Joplin I might of enjoyed it.  It was not Janis Joplin.  Hopefully that is all I will say about what was done to me and how I got to this state.

My plan is simple.  I will continue to live on next to nothing until June of 2021.  This way, I can put every penny into knife making and forging supplies., build inventor and turn a hobby business into something that will get me off of disability or at least supplement my income enough to provide a home.  I will offer my knives, swords, and other creations on June 5, 2021 during the opening day and following weekends of the Kentucky Renaissance Festival.  On opening day, I will lay out a full year of my work.  Patrons will then decide if I can move forward with plans to buy property or continue to live off disability and charity.

Once the season runs its course, I will  offer what is left online here at Bad Attitude Blades.  If successful, I will offer all knew creations first at each year’s Kentucky Renaissance Festival and only online once the festival is complete.  The young folk tell me this is called a ‘product drop’.

Gifts / Donations – If I had the choice, I would not ask for a thing.  But I am not ashamed to ask.  When I wrote for a living I was paid to write.  When I perform I often receive tips.  Is a web site any different?  I hope to produce a web site more useful to the blade smith than most books.  If you would like to help me share that knowledge with a gift here  there, great.

Send to: A.J. Drew
955 Elm Street
Eminence, KY  40019

Food From Amazon – When I say I was abandoned in a camp ground, I am not exaggerating.  No food, no money, no car.  Being in a wheel chair, I could not even get to the food bank.  Although I now have social security disability coming in monthly anything extra will help.

Work Related – Food keeps my body alive.  Work keeps my soul alive.  If I am going to get enough inventory built to get this new business on the road, a few work related gifts will go a long way.

Extreme Gifting

12 Ton Mini Press – Years ago, I built my first forging press.  When I became homeless, I gave it to a friend because it weighed more than the floor of my current smithy could support. Today, I use hammer and anvil to forge weld.   I found a bench top mini press I feel would do the job n give my arm a break.  Challenge being, the thing costs about $3,000.00 and I am homeless.  if the 2021 season goes well, this will be the first addition to my smithy.  But if Knife Maker’s Santa is out there, this would really help make it a good season.