Handmade Knives by A.J. Drew

Hand Made Knives by A.J. Drew
A.J. Drew (above)

Handmade & Hand Forged Knives
by an American Veteran

Bad Attitude Blades.
‘Do you have a bad attitude?

I am creating new knives. New designs. New materials. New legs. But I am also recovering from major surgery, setting up a new shop and learning to walk with prosthetic legs. The surgeons took both below the knees. It is slow going. Rather than add more work to my efforts, I have decided to dedicate my efforts to rebuilding my body of work.

During the two months of the 2023 Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival, I forged out a good amount of blades. Among these blades are Damascus, San Mai, Go Mai, and other styles of steel. These are the first knives I forged since becoming a double amputee knife maker. I will finish these knives between seasons 2023 and 2024. They will be available during the 2024 season.

June 1st – July 21st, 2024
Saturday & Sunday Only

For more information on the event, please visit their web site:

Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival

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