Double Amputee Knife Maker

You will hear the term ‘Double Amputee Knife Maker’ a lot here. Is it marketing? Why yes it is. Although I do sincerely love making knives, tools and supplies cost money. If I am to advance my efforts, I must earn. Other concerns, like food, must also be considered. As a lack of legs greatly decreases my production, it seems only fair that I use the disadvantage as an advantage. So I am not ashamed to use my physical challenges to level the playing field.

Double Amputee knife maker

It is also a matter of pride. When receiving my new legs, the builder explained that the folk who learn to use them are forced. Those who do not have to learn to walk, simply don’t learn to walk. One of the things they don’t tell amputees ahead of time is that the physical and emotional pain can be horrific. Many fond it is easier to sit in a wheel chair for the rest of your life. Often horrific depression, substance abuse, and suicide haunt amputees. Work is my therapy and I am proud to have survived.