How it Works

Patreon is like FansOnly, but without the porn. Since loosing the legs, I am relearning the forge and hammer. But I am simply not fast enough to support myself yet. When you make a knife, you can only sell it once. A story can be sold over and over. Although there is not much here yet, if you get in early you will see that story unfold, or unravel as it happens.


Let’s face it, I could make money sitting at an intersection. Instead, I am trying to get back to work and asking for little more than a cup of coffee once a month. Just $5.00 a month to let you in. Of course you can pledge or donate more. But half a sawbuck will do.

The Process is as Easy as 1,2,3

  • 1 – Click Here to join my Patreon page and sign in to patreon. (a new tab will open)
  • 2 – Come Back to & click the button to the right which reads Log in with Patreon.
  • 3 – Refresh – Sometimes you have to click refresh after you sign in.

Now get 200,000 friends to join. I will be a millionaire.
Swimming pools. Movie stars.